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This list will be updated regularly to reflect the hops we currently have in stock. We've included alpha acid percentage, country of origin, and a few key words describing the characteristics of each hop to aid our home brewers in recipe construction. These are not meant to be comprehensive hop profiles, just a starting point as you begin your quest for the next great beer.

Hop List Updated on 11/20/14

Dual Purpose

18.5% Czech
- pleasant aroma, citrusy, neutral bitterness

17% US

earthy, spicy, some citrus, pleasantly sharp & herbal

15.3% Australia
- gentle citrus & passion fruit

El Dorado
15.3% US
- tropical fruit, pear, watermelon, stone fruit

Nugget 14.8% US
- heavy herbal

13.3% US
- peach, apricot, grapefruit, melon, gooseberry, pineapple

Simcoe 13% US
- citrus, fruit, pine

12.5% US
- floral, spicy, some citrus fruits

Pacific Jade
12-15% NZ

bold aroma of citrus & black pepper

Nelson Sauvin
11.8% NZ

white wine, tropical, intense fruitiness

Pilgrim 11.6% UK

fruit, spicy, lemon, grapefruit, pear, berries, herbal

Rakau 10.7% NZ
- peach, mango, tangerine, passionfruit

Super Alpha
10-12% NZ

lemongrass, pine, clean crisp bitterness

Phoenix 10% UK
- rounded, subtle spice, citrus, woody notes.
  Bred to replace Challenger

9.8% US

citrus, grapefruit, orange, tropical, floral

Aurora (AKA Super Styrian) 9.3% Yugoslavia

pleasant spicy

9% Germany
- spicy, minty. Similiar to Hallertau

Centennial 8.9% US
- floral, citrusy

Challenger 9.64% UK
- floral, some spice, subtle citrus

Wakatu 7% NZ

floral, lime

Brambling Cross
5-8% UK

spice, lemon, black currant

Tettnang 3.9% US

floral, spicy


Motueka 6.7% NZ 

- lemon, lime, tropical fruit

US Golding 5.9% US

clone of UK Golding. Pleasant floral

Sovereign 5.7% UK

fruity, mild floral, grassy, herbal, minty

5.2% NZ

floral, citrusy, orange marmalade

5-7% US

floral, citrus

Fuggle 4-6% UK
- herbal, woody, spicy, some fruit

3.83% Czech


3.3% US

woody, green, floral, fruity, mild spice

Sonnet 3-6% US

bred from Saaz, similiar characteristics to Golding

3-4.5% Germany

sweet, mild citrus, hint of tangerine


Warrior 18.9% US
- mellow flavor of citrus and lemon

18% US
- citrus; orange, tangerine, grapefruit

15.2% Germany
- barely noticable aroma of spice and citrus

15-19% US

super-alpha, citrus orange, resin

Galena 12.8% US

clean crisp bitterness, medium aroma of fruit and citrus

Green Bullet 12.1% NZ
- fruity, resiny flavor, floral aroma, subtle spice

Pellet hops available yr. round,

Locally sourced whole leaf hops
& rhizomes available in season

Specialty Grains



Oak Smoked Wheat

Peat Smoked

Weyermann® Beechwood Smoked Malt



Briess Victory®

Crisp Belgium

Crisp Brown

Crisp English

Crisp Pale Chocolate

Muntons Black Patent

Muntons Chocolate

Weyermann® Carafa I.®

Weyermann® Carafa II.

Weyermann® Chocolate Wheat

Weyermann® De-husked Carafa III.



Briess Victory

Château Abbey

Château Biscuit®

Château Special Aromatic

Gambrinus Honey Malt

Weyermann® CaraAroma®

Weyermann® Caramunich I.

Weyermann® Caramunich II.

Weyermann® Caramunich III.

Weyermann® Dark Munich



Briess C-40, C-10, C-20, C-40, C-60, C-80, C-120

Château Cara Blond®

Château Spécial B ®

Muntons Dark Crystal

Base Malt

Rahr red wheat

Weyermann® Vienna

2 Row

Pale Malt


Wheat & Specialty Malt Adjuncts

Flaked Barley

Flaked Rye

Flaked White Wheat

Muntons Torrified Wheat

Rice Hulls

Rolled Oats

Rye Malt

Weyermann® Acidulated (aka Sauermalz or Sour Malt)


We’ll order any Blickman product by request.

We’ll price match any online retailer
for all Blickman products.

Mash Ton (10 gal.)

Temperature controllers

kegging supplies

Wart Chillers, Plate Chillers, Aeration Systems, Stir Plates, Erlenmeyer flasks, High temperature and Silicon tubing available in all sizes

Full line of stainless steel fittings and ball valves


Blickman kettles 8g., 10g., 15g.,

(26g., 55g., 80g., can be ordered upon request)

Several other brands of kettles are available varying in size and price.

Other Ingredients

Bottle Caps

Beer & Wine Bottles

Liquid Malt Extract- only carry brands Golden Light & Unik to guarantee the freshest extract to brew with

Dry Malt Extract- wheat, amber, pilsner, dark

Brewing Yeast- we carry full lines of the brands listed below

Beer Yeast-

Liquid - Wyeast

Dry - Full lines of Lanolin, Danstar, Fermentis, Coopers & Muntons

Wine Yeast-

                        Lalvin & White Star

Carboys & Buckets

Glass Carboys in 3g., 5g., 6g., 6.5g.,

Better Bottles in 3g., 5g., 6g.,

Speidel Fermenters 8g., 16g., 32g.,

Fermenting Buckets 6.5g.  ( with or without spigot )



B-Brite, PBW, Star San (for Sanitizer), bottling & carboy washers, bottling & carboy brushes

Books & Magazines

Beer, wine and distilling books and magazines for all levels.  


Ingredients for Brewing Gluten Free Beer

White Sorghum syrup from Briess







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